Plesk 7.1.6 & rpm errors

RedHat Enterprise Linux 3 (RHEL3), Update 4, in certain cases breaks your Plesk 7.1.6 installation. When you attempt to login you might get the following error message:

Unable to exec utility packagemng: packagemng: Unable to open rpm db: cannot
open Packages using index db3 (-30982)

System error 2: No such file or directory

Below is my WORKAROUND for the problem, until a permanent solution can be found.

I have edited my /etc/sysconfig/rhn/up2date file so that the pkgSkipList entry reads as follows: pkgSkipList=kernel*;rpm*;.

up2date will now, no longer upgrade the rpm system.

If you have already upgraded your rpm system, you could run the following commands:

up2date --get rpm-4.2.3-10 rpm-python-4.2.3-10 rpm-build-4.2.3-10 rpm-devel-4.2.3-10 rpm-libs-4.2.3-10
cd /var/spool/up2date/
rpm -Uvh --oldpackage rpm-4.2.3-10.i386.rpm rpm-build-4.2.3-10.i386.rpm rpm-devel-4.2.3-10.i386.rpm rpm-libs-4.2.3-10.i386.rpm rpm-python-4.2.3-10.i386.rpm
rm /var/lib/rpm/__db.00*

The above commands should get you up and running with the older rpm system.

RedHat did release the updated rpm system, due to a bug, as explained by in this Errata.

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