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Running Plesk on Port 443

Saturday, March 5th, 2005

By default Plesk is installed to run on port 8443. Some companies have very restrictive firewalls, which might lead to clients not being able to access the Plesk control panel. I have found that most companies will happily allow a connection on port 443, the standard port for SSL connection. Luckily you can configure Plesk to listen on a second IP address for connections to port 443.

This method describled below has been tested on Plesk for Linux version 6.0.x, 7.1.x and Plesk for Windows version 7.5.x.

Step 1: Add a secondary IP address to your server. The way to do this depends on the OS and is left as an excercise to the reader. We assume that our secondary IP address is:
Step 2: Edit the httpsd.conf file. In this file add the following entry: Listen
Step 3: If on Linux, edit the ssl.conf file, to only Listen on the the main IP address’s SSL port.
Step 4: Restart the Plesk control panel
Step 5: Test the setup, by connecting to:

If everything was done properly the Plesk control panel will now be running on port 443.

Speeding UP SMTP on Plesk 7.1.7

Saturday, March 5th, 2005

Some clients might experience a very slow SMTP connection on a Plesk 7.1.7 server running qmail. The main reason for the delay is cuased by a Reverse DNS lookup performed on each IP address connection to the SMTP server on port 25. If your server does not have good DNS connectivity or the owner of the IP address’s DNS servers are overloaded, you may notice a delay of up to 60 seconds (the default) to be able to send mail.

I suggest that you update your /etc/xinetd.d/smtp_psa and /etc/xinetd.d/smtps_psa files.

Update the server_args key in both files, as suggested below:
server_args = -Rt0 /usr/sbin/rblsmtpd -r -r ......

You may want to replace and/or with your favourite RBL list. You may also add additional RBL entries by specifying additional -r parameters.

Upgrading phpMyAdmin on Plesk 7.1.7

Saturday, March 5th, 2005

Thanks to G.L. DATA it is now possible to upgrade the default phpMyAdmin installed in the Plesk control panel under the DB WebAdmin icon. According to G.L. DATA the upgrade will work on version 7.1.x and 7.5.x of Plesk for Linux. We have been able to confirm that it definitely does run on Plesk 7.1.7 for Linux.

For more information see G.L. DATA Plesk page

qmHandle 1.2.0 for Qmail

Saturday, March 5th, 2005

qmHandle is a very useful utility to manage Qmail based mail installations.

Get it from the qmHandle Homepage

Connecting to MySQL 4.1.x from MySQL 4.0.x

Thursday, March 3rd, 2005

If you attempt to connect to a MySQL 4.1.x server from a MySQL 4.0.x client you may receive the following error:

#1251 - Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server; consider upgrading MySQL client

To fix the problem, first make sure that you have no usernames that are longer than 16 characters:

SELECT Host, User, Password FROM mysql.user WHERE LENGTH(Password) > 16

Now you may update the password for the user to the old style passwords:

SET PASSWORD FOR 'root'@'localhost' = OLD_PASSWORD('newpasswd');

For more information see: Password Hashing in MySQL 4.1