Plesk 8.x – Disabling the newsfeeds.

Yes, SWsoft decided that our users should be bombarded with news feeds. This may be a feature that certain users like or desire, but as the system administrator you are not given a choice.

I believe choice is important, especially in a product that costs many dollars.

Here is some perl code to disable the newsfeeds:

For clients:

$query = "SELECT id FROM clients WHERE login='$client'";
@cID = $queryDBpsa->($query);
$query = "REPLACE INTO cl_param (param, val , cl_id) VALUES ('news_dismissed', '1', '$cID[0]');";

For domains:

$query = "SELECT id FROM domains WHERE name='$domain'";
@dID = $queryDBpsa->($query);
$query = "REPLACE INTO dom_param (param, val , dom_id) VALUES ('news_dismissed', '1', '$dID[0]');";

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